8 reasons why you would choose to work with digitalmonstr.

Digitalmonstr. answers your needs

  1. I will not only design your website but also do all the coding part efficiently.
  2. You will be working with a real professional in the web industry, having created over 300 websites for enterprises all around the globe.
  3. Quality is my priority. There are lots of developers, however it’s difficult to find THE ONE that stands out and who’s serious enough to accompany you on the long term.
  4. SEO friendly, no dodgy practices unlike with amateur developers.
  5. Documentation of how to edit and add your own content on your pages.
  6. Value for money. I saw too many people choosing to hire the cheapest developer, then finding out later that the latter’s lack of skill and professionalism ends up costing them more. 
  7. Fast delivery of your work and deadlines are taken seriously. 
  8. 1 week 24/7 support (Extendable) after the project and a fast response rate.

Missions proposed

My domain of expertise is the creation and maintenance of websites of all kinds. These include : 

  • E-commerce 
  • Blogging
  • Landing page (Restaurant, Real estate, Hair saloon, ect…)
  • Sales funnel
  • Conversion of PSD into WordPress or PHP / Html website
  • Showcase website
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